Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 215 - Answers Coming Soon...

Song of the Day:  Wizard Love - Meekakitty featuring Heyhihello

We've had a really fun last couple of days.  My brother Logan was originally supposed to come down Thursday night and watch Elliot Friday afternoon while Kyle and I go to my doctor appointment.  Instead he decided to come down Wednesday afternoon so he could hang out more.  We've been in the pool a few times, and went shopping, and Elliot's really enjoyed having him around!

Today I am going to spend the morning packing for the Hall Family Rendezvous.  We'll be in a tent in the middle of the woods for the next few days!  I'm really excited because we have family coming in from California that don't get to make it every year.  It will be great to see everyone!  This afternoon I have a doctor appointment, and hopefully Monday I'll have some answers, and be able to tell everyone what's going on and how it's affected/ing my weight loss goals and progress. 

Well, I need to get some packing done, and I don't have much else to say.  I just wish it was 1:00 already!  :) 


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