Monday, March 4, 2013

Quick update!

Song of the Day: Spice Girls - Wannabe

I had an awesome weekend!  I went to Chicago to surprise a friend for her birthday, and the weekend was everything I could have hoped!  We tried a ton of new stuff and places, and I met a lot of new people.  Even though I got less sleep than normal (or maybe the same amount, but going to bed way later than I normally do), and did more than I normally would in a weekend (and drank a lot more), I still feel so relaxed and re-energized!  I really needed a weekend away!  Besides the actual birthday party, my favorite part was going to Arts N Spirits and painting "funky trees" while drinking mimosas.  That's something I wouldn't normally do, and it ended up being a lot of fun!  Kyle was surprised at how well they turned out lol.

This next weekend we're heading to our friend's baby shower!  I can't wait!  All of the pregnant women I know are finally close to having their babies!  This week I'm just focusing on getting stuff done for school, and planning our vacation!

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