Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Still in Recovery Mode

Okay, I read Malcolm Gladwell's 'Outliers' and just got depressed.  Well, let me rephrase.  I read about half of it, twice, and then got depressed.  Ten thousand hours is a really long time when you're still looking at logging hour 90.  ....for those who may not know, Malcolm Gladwell found that 10,000 hours of work/practice is the difference between mediocre and great/genius.  Macklemore, who obviously put in the time, was inspired to write an amazing song about it.  Not that I have one thing in mind that I want to be amazing at, but that almost makes it worse!  Hahaha, oh well, maybe I'll pick up the book again, and just keep plugging away at everything until I find that one thing I want to focus on.

So, this week included a gain.  I'm not shocked.  I think I'm still in recovery from this past weekend!  When I got home I was up 6 lbs, and this morning I was up 2 lbs.  Probably more accurate as I'm working on catching up on sleep and getting back to eating normally.  Either way, worth it, lol.  This also puts me at my pre-pregnancy weight, so I'm not upset about it!  Just because I'm working on a lifestyle change of eating better and taking care of my body, doesn't mean that I'll never have a weekend with friends ever again.  And really, I'm pretty proud of myself for the food choices I made this weekend!  When it came to dessert of Friday night I tried one bite of the two we got to share.  I also didn't eat as much of the chips and queso as I really really wanted to (but I still had plenty, haha)!  It was amazing, and I've been thinking about it ever since, lol.  I could say I was really healthy and ate a ton of grapes instead of cupcakes, but the grapes were soaked in burbon, so that may not count as being healthy lol :)  The real problem will be if I gain again next week!

Wow, I apparently am listening to my music really loudly.  I just took a break from writing to grab coffee and a yogurt and took my earbuds out (because I think it's rude to interact with people while still wearing them) and realized that the library is really quiet.  

This week is kind of slow for school, and I know that means I should be getting ahead in my reading, but instead I'm reading, specifically looking at Aruba!  I feel like we're finally a little closer to knowing what we're doing for our vacation!  YAY!!  

Alright, time to read about how culture influences our perceptions :) 


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