Thursday, October 24, 2013

DietBet is done!

Song of the Day: Avicii - Wake Me Up

I sent in my final weigh-in for the DietBet on Tuesday!  I'm happy to report that I lost 8.8lbs in 4 weeks!  My weigh in day is different on DietBet than it is for this blog, so from my weigh-in last Thursday to today, I lost 2.2lbs!  I'm feeling great right now!  In the past four weeks, I've gone down a notch on my belt, and all of my pants are too big!  I'm getting that waffle top when I tighten my belt.  It's actually kind of annoying, but I'm holding off until I'm at 180ish to buy new pants. 

I decided that I am going to do another DietBet.  It's really good motivation and it keeps me on track - especially during the weekends!  I'm still waiting to find out how much I won during this one, but the next one I'm doing is a $20 buy in with $10,500 in the pot so far.  And thankfully I could just use my verified weigh-in from the end of the last DietBet as my initial weigh-in for this one!  So I'm already down 2 lbs!  It ends on November 22 - right before Thanksgiving and seeing everyone!  My goal weight is 187, but I'm hoping to beat it again!

I took the GRE this past weekend and I did a lot better on my verbal score than I thought I would, and did about 1-2 points less on the math than I thought I would.  But I'm still happy with my scores because they're both above the average for the program I want to get in to!  I'm still waiting on my writing score, but that can take 10-15 days, so I have at least another week until I find out how I did there.  So now I just need to work on my application materials and finishing the semester strong - especially with my capstone!  

I'm feeling pretty awesome in all aspects of my life right now, which is pretty great :)  And we're going trick-or-treating this weekend, and I'm really excited to dress up with the kids!! 

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