Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Song of the Day: Zedd - Clarity ft Foxes

So I started Jillian Michaels DietBet this week!  It started Monday and ends October 22.  My friend did a dietbet last month and ended up winning $17!  Not a ton of money, but her pot was also only $26,000.  The pot for the Jillian Michaels one is $214,440!  To win you have to lose 4% of your body weight in four weeks.  (You have to take pictures and they have people that look and verify everything)  If you do that, you automatically get part of the pot.  If you lose more, that's great, but that doesn't mean that you get more money.  In fact, you can't lose more that 12% of your body weight or you get disqualified (they don't want people using extreme measures).  Say that everyone actually does lose 4%, then you get your $30 back.  So at worst, you break even, and lose 4% of your body weigh... well, I guess at worst you don't lose anything and you don't break even, lol.  It's definitely motivating!  Technically I've already lost 3.6lbs!  But that's also my flux weight.  I weighed in Monday afternoon at 203.8, but had I weighed in Monday morning I would have weighted in at 206.4.  Yeah, by eating breakfast and drinking coffee I "lost" 2.6 lbs.  Really, what happened is I had tacos for dinner on Sunday, and any little bit of salt makes me retain water like crazy, so I was losing water weight.  Whatever, it still looks like I'm 44% closer to my goal!  And even better, I'm SO CLOSE to being back under 200 lbs!  

School is going okay.  I have my first exam tomorrow, and it's with a new (to me) professor, so I'm not sure if I'm preparing correctly.  I also am not as far along as I would like to be on my capstone paper.  GRE studying has also kind of taken a back seat to assignments, papers, and lots and lots of reading.  Good news is that the kids are loving school and drop offs are super easy now.  There's even a little girl who totally has a crush on Elliot.  It was super obvious to her mom and I, but Elliot is completely oblivious.  It's absolutely adorable :)  Elliot really likes hanging out with Eli and Mason, but really likes running around outside on the playground.  The kids wear helmets whenever they're on the bikes, but Elliot likes to wear his helmet all the time outside.  Probably a good thing, hahaha.  Caroline has a new best friend named Kate, and this morning she was getting dropped off at the same time as us and they were so excited to see each other!  It's so cool to see her making friends, and her teacher sends me video of them all dancing and playing together.  I love it :)  Originally we were going to keep them at home over my off spring semester, but I think they're really going to miss school.  But finding a job for only five months isn't exactly easy... Ugh, we'll see.

I'm super excited for Oktoberfest!  I love being able to see my high school friends!  We've been blessed to see each other a lot lately since Dana's wedding was seven weeks ago, and the shower was a few weeks before that!  A lot of us are running either the 5k or 5 mile race that morning, so it should be interesting to see how late we make it on Saturday, lol.  Hopefully this week goes by faster :) 

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