Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Seriously, what gives?  I've been stuck at this weight for a few weeks now!  I'm eating really well about 80% of the time, and working out intermittently.  I even ran 10 miles last weekend, and nothing!  Ahhh!  It just sucks to be back in the 200's, but I have no one to blame but myself.  And honestly, this is a lot less than it was a few weeks ago!  So, I guess I'm back at it, and my biggest struggles are eating well on the weekends, and working out during the week.  

In good news, I had a PR of 5 miles in 59:50 on Sunday!  My dad and I are running the Maple Leaf 5 mile on September 28th, so I'm trying to train for it.  I went on a 5 mile run on Saturday too, and it was terrible!  My time was 1:02, but it was a mix of running and fast walking, and I felt terrible the whole way through.  Sunday's run, I ran the whole time, and paced myself a lot better.  I also felt a lot better overall and like I could have kept going after I hit the 5 miles.  I didn't though, because I had planned my run in a loop, and I was home and ready for a shower and food.  I think part of that was the weather.  It was a lot cooler on Sunday, so hopefully it's nice and cool for the run.  I need to run during the week, or at least take the kids on walks, so I'm not so stiff on the weekends.  My current excuse for not doing it yet, is that it's so freaking hot when we get home!  It was a real feel of 101 the last two days when we got home.  GROSS.  Not happening.  I was planning on using the treadmill after the kids go down, but I have been ready for bed then too.     

School is going really well!  I'm really liking my classes, and don't feel too overwhelmed yet!  I've also found time to study for the GRE and found that my practice test scores are good enough to get into the programs I'm looking at.  I'm still going to study my butt off because I want to get the best score I can, but it's good to know that the pressure is a little less.  

It looks like starting tomorrow the weather is back into the 60's/70's for the next week!  That's what I prefer :)  We have two weddings on Saturday, so hopefully it stays nice for them!  I also got a new dress for the day and I love it!  I'm planning on wearing heels with it, but I didn't make it the whole day in heels at the last wedding we were at, so I'm making no promises how long they'll stay on.  Thankfully my heels are not as high as the other ones I wore, so maybe that will help.  Either way, I'm looking forward to a night out :)

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