Monday, January 28, 2013

Birthday Weekend!

Song of the Day:  Happy Birthday Rebekah  - my brother found this, how awesome?!

Well, I'm now officially 26, or as I've been putting it - "the wrong side of my 20's."  I just feel so old.  I think I would maybe feel less old if I wasn't in class sitting next to people who are still excited about turning 21 soon.  Ugh, I guess I just have to live with it, lol.  And it's too early to start lying about my age!  haha :)   

We had a lot of fun this weekend!  We ate out A LOT!  There's all of these places that we've wanted to try, but it's not always fun taking kids out to eat!  I took the kids to my parents house on Friday, so we had a full weekend of trying new food and places!  We went to Brocach's Irish Pub, The Koffee Kup, El Rio Grande, Maharaja, and Banushi's Bar & Grill (BBG's).  My favorite might just be El Rio Grande!  I got Camarones al Mojo de Ajo - which is a shrimp dish with tons of garlic and it is AMAZING.  Best information yet?  They are a walkable distance from our house - and they deliver!

We also FINALLY bought furniture!!  We've been talking about getting new furniture for almost a year now, and have just kept putting it off.  It gets delivered on the 9th!  I am beyond excited!  Unfortunately with the nasty weather, the kids are still at my parents house, and I'm going to get them after class today.  Thankfully my mom was able to take a day off!  We probably could have made it last night, but we didn't want to get there and end up stuck for the night.  

I don't really feel like I've started a new semester.  Last semester I was so excited to start school and felt way over prepared.  This semester (which has only been 3 days) is just kind of 'eh' so far.  I don't really feel any drive or motivation to do anything.  Which I'm hoping will change once everything gets a little more routine.  I think part of it is that I only have three face-to-face classes, so my days don't seem as packed.  I think once I get to my field training site, I'll feel more like the semester has started.  I'm really excited for my placement!  The guy who was there last semester got to do a ton of stuff with the students!

Well, I should probably get some reading done this morning :)   

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