Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My childhood fears came true.

Clip of the Day: Sixteen Candles - It's Your Happy Birthday

School started last week, and polar vortex part 2 is here this week.  I don't have any classes today, but I still have a ton of work to do, that I can't really do when I'm home with the kids - so we're all in school today!  Last week I turned in my application for grad school - and I'm so nervous and excited and full of anxiety!  My interview is in a couple of weeks, and I know I have a strong application, but ahhhh!!  I think some nerves are a good thing though :)  

Yesterday was my golden birthday!  Let's get one thing straight, I love my birthday, I always have.  It's the start of my next year, the next chapter in my life, a time for renewal and to look back and see where I am now.  When I was much younger, I used to be so annoyed that my golden birthday would be when I was 27, because I would be so old and wouldn't do anything fun - unlike my friend's who got to celebrate their golden birthday's between ages 10 and 22.  This weekend my parents took the kids and Kyle and I went to a few movies, ate in restaurants, went shopping, and slept in - it was pretty great.  Yesterday, I spent the day in class, discussing The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie and learning about the resting potential of neurons.  When we got home we had Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner, the kids serenaded me with the most adorable version of "happy birthday" I've ever heard, then Kyle and I had some champagne after the kids went to bed and we watched a tropical version of house hunters on On Demand.  Was it everything my 13 year old self feared it would be?  Probably, yeah, but my 27 year old self loved it.



  1. I've been very into House Hunters International lately!!! Maybe it's our subconscious telling us something ......... :) Happy you had a great golden birthday!

  2. I loved that movie! Brian had never seen it, so we watched it last year. I was 30 for my gb. :-p