Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I will always want a cheeseburger.

Song of the Day: Selena Gomez - Come & Get It

This past weekend was so much fun!  The wedding was beautiful and thankfully the weather cooperated so it was nice and sunny!  Elliot had so much fun at the dance!  I think he really misses being around other kids, and he was pretty excited to learn some new dance moves and show off his own.  He even asked a couple of other girls to dance with him!  It was so cute :)  

This is my last week of my online class, and it really hasn't been too hard - which is awesome!  I only have a few more things to do, then I'm ready for the weekend!!  Friday night is my friend's bachelorette party!!!!!  It's going to be so much fun!  I'm excited for a girls night out!!  

After taking a little two week hiatus, I'm back, and things are moving in the right direction!  Yesterday the kids and I went on a walk, and I realized I hadn't done any sort of physical exertion (walk or run) in almost two weeks!  Yikes!  I was exhausted when we got home!  I can't let it go that long again, for eating or exercising, because getting back at it just kind of sucks.  On Monday I got back on track with my eating, and was having, like, withdrawal symptoms!  It was ridiculous.  I could feel the nastiness leaving my body, and my body really wanting a greasy cheeseburger topped with everything.  Who am I kidding?  I want that now.  I will always want that.  Difference is, on Monday, I could feel every cell in my body wanting it.  Not a fun way to spend the day.  But I made it through, and good news is the detox didn't take as long as it has in the past!  

I'm hoping to get down another 5-10 lbs before our vacation.  It would be nice to go on vacation in the 180's, but I also know that, for me, the slower I lose the weight, the more likely I am to keep it off.  So I don't want to do some crash diet than gain it all back (and probably plus some) during our vacation - because, lets be real, I am eating and drinking whatever I want that week!  Ahhhh, 21 days away :) 

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