Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 353 - A Very Merry Pinterest

Well, today was my last day of school for a while!  I won't know all of my grades until 4:00 on Friday, and I'm getting really antsy about knowing.  I know that I should be glad that I'm taking a break while having another baby, but I'm actually really bummed that I can't get into classes spring semester.  I have a really good momentum going, and I want it to keep going.  I also really don't know what to do with myself right now.  I know that Elliot will fill my time, and once Caroline is born I'll be even more busy, but after I put Elliot to bed, I wasn't really sure what to do.  So, I went on and picked one of the crafty things I wanted to do.

I was thinking of giving a homemade sugar scrub as a Christmas gift, thankfully I didn't make that a plan.  I tried the brown sugar scrub that I found on this blog.  I really really liked the scrub, but it definitely needs to be used right away.  I think if I was going to gift it I would have to put the wet and dry ingredients into separate containers and then the recipient would have to mix it themselves.  A present that you have to work at to use, not very much fun.  As far as working, it definitely did the job!  I also prefer it to a scrub I bought at Target a few weeks back because of how smooth my skin feels after.  I mean the store stuff also made my skin feel smooth, but the extra virgin olive oil in the homemade stuff really made my skin ultra smooth! 

The recipe makes a ton of scrub, so I would definitely recommend making a half batch, especially since it won't keep.  Within an hour the left over scrub was already starting to separate and the EVOO, honey, and vanilla were starting to melt the sugar.  But, like I said, only making a half batch would solve that problem.

With my new addiction to, and the extra time on my hands I hope to be able to blog about some other crafty things I've done.  I made my own Christmas cards this year from an idea I found there, so my next blog will probably be about those :)  I also am working on another gift from, but I'll have to wait until after the holidays to blog about that one :)  


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