Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 355 - Re-purposed Holiday Kleenex Boxes

Earlier this holiday season I got sucked into buying the pretty holiday decoration kleenex boxes.  Now, I'm not surprised by any means that I bought them, but I did have a bit of distress about spending the extra money for less kleenex's and a pretty box.  Elliot has been using the empty boxes to put his toys in, then shake them out, then do it all over again.  But he's kind of lost interest in that, leaving me with the empty pretty boxes yet again.  

Today I am working on wrapping some of our gifts before we head up to La Crosse for the weekend, and I needed to wrap a Christmas ornament for the Hall Family ornament exchange.  Of course the ornament didn't come in a nice box that I could wrap up, and I had already used the small bags that I had (and I really didn't want to buy another one).  Then I remembered all of these empty pretty boxes!  And ta-da!

I taped a ribbon to the inside of the box, added some pretty tissue, and I think I have a pretty good looking gift!  Now I find myself wishing that our other holiday kleenex boxes were empty so I could wrap more gifts this way!

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