Friday, November 15, 2013

Twenty-four Little Hours

Seriously.  What.  A.  Difference.  Yesterday afternoon I met with my capstone advisor to figure out what I should do about grad school.  She came up with some great ideas and then we went and talked to the chair of the school psych department (that I had been emailing with) and we figured out a plan that I can still go to grad school and not be gone every night.  It's going to take me 4 years instead of 3, but they're willing to work with me on everything and really want me in the program!

I feel SO MUCH BETTER!!!  A huge weight is lifted off my shoulders!  I slept better last night than I have in weeks!  There's still many changes and decisions to be made, but it is much more manageable.  Ahhhh :) :)

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  1. It makes a HUGE difference! I did a similar thing in college at Chicago. And somehow I managed to graduate with my class even though I sat out a semester! I was astonished and supremely proud of myself. Yay us haha