Tuesday, October 9, 2012

quack quack

I don't really have much to write.  The kids finally seem to be healthy, and I'm hoping and praying it stays that way!  We've been on a continuous cycle of sickness for the last three weeks, resulting in 4 days of missed classes and me being extremely stressed out!  But everything has been back to normal this week, and I'm hoping it stays that way for the rest of the school year!

Fun news: Caroline finally has two teeth on the bottom!  Elliot got his first teeth at 4 months old and had a full mouth by 10 months.  Caroline got her first two at 7 months :)  I was worried that she would end up getting all of them at once, but thankfully it looks like we're going to avoid that!

With the kids being sick, and me missing school, I feel like I'm constantly behind, or trying to catch up.  I sometimes feel like a duck, cool and calm on the surface, but underneath my legs are kicking a mile a minute and I'm just trying not to drown.  I could really use some more library time.  Thankfully I'm back into the rhythm of having field training Friday mornings and I can go to the library Friday afternoons.  And that being said, I have homework to do :)

OH - This weekend Kyle, the kids, and I are participating in the American Heart Association - Heart Walk 2012 in Madison!  We're still working on raising donations, so please head to our website to donate

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