Friday, October 8, 2010

lots of poop (maybe a little TMI)

I went to change my son's poopy diaper and as soon as I lifted up his diaper he peed on me.  I mean, it happens, but ewwwww.  

Today also starts my cleanse and crash diet.  I am going to Chicago in 2 weeks to have a weekend of fun with some friends from high school, and I would like to look better than I do right now.  I still have 25lbs of pregnancy weight left (gained 55 total), and about 62lbs until my "ideal weight" after that, so I'm hoping that this will help jump start the weight loss and work as a motivator.  I recently read Stuff White People Like by Christian Lander and on the list is 'cleanses.'  I had done one before, but didn't really follow the rules of not eating crap while you're trying to clean the crap out of you.  So this time I'm going to stick to it which brings me to my crash diet of only eating veggies, white meat, fish, and the occasional fruit and yogurt.  Pretty much I'm cutting out carbs and sugars.  I'm 8 hours in and I'm doing okay... but I'm pretty sure that by this time tomorrow I am going to be ready for some nachos. 

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